Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneak Previews

Here are some sneak previews for upcoming sewing creations:
A princess dress:
The fabric to the left is dark brown, not black
A Christmas dress:
The fabric top right is dark brown, and the tube is sparkly brown tulle.

A second Christmas dress - Upcycling!!:
The picture turned out more periwinkle/blue than the fabric really is. The color is more the dark purple in the picture below.

A Christmas present - Pinafore shirt:
All of the fabric is upcycles - The green is a sheet, as is the flowered, and the yellow is from a round table cover
 A 1st bday dress

The bday dress will also have the same brown and brown sparkly tulle as well. 

Looks like fun, right?! The bday dress will be last. And probably not until January. The actual birthday the dress will be used for is in Feb, so it's low on the list.

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