Thursday, December 9, 2010

Excess fabric to sell!!

I have two fabrics I'm trying to sell. Why? Because they are in excess!
The first fabric is a stretchy flat velvet that has a cheetah print on it. The largest spot is roughly the size of a quarter. The velvet is amazingly good quality. I can't even begin to describe how nice it feels.... maybe if butter were a fuzzy fabric it would feel like this. I have 60+ yards to sell at 6.00/yard plus shipping.

I definitely have 60 yards to sell, but maybe even more like 80 or 90 yards. I'm not positive until the second roll of fabric is measured. But there is a LOT of fabric as in 60+ yards.

The second fabric is a stretchy crushed velvet that's a periwinkle/blue color. It's more on the blue side, but has some purplish undertones to it. I have 20+ yards of this to sell (probably about 24 or 25 actual yards to sell). This is also super soft velvet! I'm also asking $6.00/yard plus shipping.

Both of these fabrics can be cut in continuous lengths since I have them on the original roll. I can also send small free samples to anyone that is serious about wanting to buy some, in case they need to do color matching. The pictures are pretty close to accurate on the coloring. The price I'm asking is cheaper than what you would find at your typical fabric store because of the quality of the fabric - you have to go to a fabric district to get it any cheaper, if that's possible. Also, the fabric is kept in a smoke-free, pet-free, climate controlled environment (AKA my workspace that is quickly running out of room!!).

For those of you who are interested, I will have more fabric to sell very soon since I keep getting "paid" in fabric for making costumes.Which would be great...if I had a need for THAT much fabric. (And what I have posted about is minus the amount I'm planning to keep to make stuff.) 
You can contact me here, or email me!

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