Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WHEW! Man am I

BUSY! TIRED! and a bit worn out. BUT I'm still here!
I'm busier than ever. 6 more weeks till the end of this semester - and my first graduation! YAY! On top of that, I'm working my little booty off to have a bunch of items ready for my "Grand Debut" of 3Giraffes.
Want to see a couple sneak peeks??! And a completed item? Yes? No? Well, since I can't hear your mind talking I'm going to assume it's a yes! (It's my blog, I can do that! haha!)
Super soft velvet that reminds me of rain with fantastically soft cotton banding around the neck and sleeves.
Custom designed girl with an umbrella. There are a few different umbrella options!
A completed tunic top! Soft, comfy fit, partially new fabric, partially upcycled.
If you want MORE sneak peeks you should look up 3Giraffes on facebook! Become a follower!!! In the (near) future I will have special discount codes and giveaways just for facebook followers! You don't want to miss out!