Saturday, December 11, 2010

Previously Made Costumes

This is just a little showing of some costumes I've made in the past (and that I actually have pictures of).
I had the straps safety pinned for sizing and to see if the design is how I wanted it.
I love polka dots!!
Halloween costume last year. You can see the sleeves in this picture pretty well.
You can see the colors better in this picture.
My mom made mine (I'm in the middle) and I made the two girls' dresses. This is a few years ago...and was taken RIGHT AFTER I had finished skating - so I look like a mess.
A couple details that are hard to see in the picture above: There is a flower on each girl's chest that I had to sequin myself - a TON of work; and the sequined fabric is actually a red mesh with sequins sewn on and dangling off over top of a bright orange shiny fabric that when put together looked like the same burnt orange as the velvet - at least in person. The flash of the camera made it look different.
I hope you enjoyed looking at them!!

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