Friday, November 12, 2010

Refashioning for Bunny Baby

I have many shirts that either don't fit me anymore, or have stains, or holes, or whatever. But I have a hard time parting with said shirts. Call me thrifty, call me a hoarder, whatever. I'd rather keep them and try to do something with them, or give them away to someone who can use them, than just toss them in the garbage. (I almost never throw old clothes away. If I can't find someone that can use them I donate them.)
Sooooo into the story comes a nice orange tank top with a pretty lace bottom. The tank top part is in great shape, but the lace is kinda starting to wear out. The rubber elastic threads are starting to pop out, and the lace is starting to get holes (probably all thanks to my jeans....oh well.). And as much as I love the shirt, and the color, it never really stayed down how it was supposed to. Likely because I'm tall. I can't change my height, even if I sometimes wish I could.
Back to the shirt, and remaking it into something for Bunny Baby...
So, I took my shirt, and laid out one of her onsies on top for sizing. I cut it out in a ragline style, then cut out sleeves too. Then I took some coordinating fabrics and cut out wide, short strips of fabric (in walks a flat sheet from the thrift store, a fitted sheet from the thrift store, two fat quarters, some free fabric (the best kind!!) and some fabric I got on super sale - 75% off of the clearance price! YAY!). Sew strips of fabric together, add some pretty ribbon from the dollar store, sew on another chunk of fabric to the bottom (an edge of the flat sheet) for a nice contrasting bottom, then it's ready to gather at the top! Sew together all the pieces for the top part, then sew down under the arms and down the body. Then attach the gathered skirt part to the knit top part, and it's 97% done! Hem up sleeves, and neckline... then voila! Cute dress!!

Can YOU tell which fabric was the sheet in the vertical pieces?! Take a wild guess!
Sorry I didn't take pictures of the process. I'll do it some other time with better instructions.
The second dress was made from a store-bought 12m Garanimals shirt, a piece of fat quarter (ok, MOST of the fat quarter...), a 50 cent bandanna from the dollar store, and some other super sale fabric. Undo the bottom of the shirt's hem, cut off about an inch and a half up from the bottom (just straight across!), and then again another inch and a half above that - set aside. Sew together the strips of fabric to make tubes (all the same length, but different widths), hem up the bottoms, gather up the tops. Sandwhich the one that's the smallest width between the shirt piece and one of the cut off bottom of the shirt pieces, and sew together. Do again with the middle width ruffle, the now bottom of the shirt piece, and the remaining cut off piece. Finally, attach the widest ruffle to the now bottom of the DRESS (since it's no longer a shirt) piece. Add some embellishment (in this case some scrap ribbon, and some dollar store ribbon made into a pretty bow). Put on your baby and enjoy!

Do you know which one was the dollar store bandanna?? Guess! I dare you!Sorry I didn't take pictures of the process for this one, either. I really will write a better (REAL) tutorial some time, I swear!!


  1. Great work. I especially love the second dress. So fun! Thanks for linking up to Refashionista! You rock.


  2. Great job! Both dresses are adorable (my fav is the second one,) and your baby is soo happy and sweet! I'm a new follower, and I can't wait to see more of your creations! Drop by and see me sometime if you get the chance!


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