Monday, November 8, 2010


It's amazing how inspiration can sometimes come from the most unlikely of places.
SSOOO I have a shirt (or 2) that's completely plain. No designs of any kinds - save and except for the accidental bleach spots. I don't want to throw said shirt(s) away because I like 'em. I got the idea, just now, on the way to work, to do a bleached out design of some kind on them. Like...use bleach to make a picture of a tree, or bird, or what-have-you, and then add in some splatters here and there, quickly wash it off (so it doesn't make HOLES in my shirt(s)), and then have a newly redesigned shirt. Has anyone else thought of this? Have you tried it? If so, what were the results?
I'm not entirely sure what made me think this would be a good solution...but it seems like it might be an interesting experiment, at the least!
Then there's the inspiration that others give. I'm constantly being inspired by other people. Things they say, do, show, blog about, what they are inspired by, etc.
Here's a for instance.... Lil Blue Boo has done a couple of quick tutorials on how to make personalized nursery art here and here. This has inspired me to make a one of a kind personalized piece of nursery art for my niece and her husband. I hope she (and he, and baby boy) like it. I'm not done with it yet, but as soon as I am I will post tons of pictures of the process!!
I also get tons of inspiration from things around me - fabric, decorations, plates, toys, random objects, nature....I could easily keep listing.
What kinds of things inspire your creativity? Your every day life? Think about those things now and then, and try to come up with new ones. When you TRY to come up with something to inspire you, you sometimes hit the jackpot with an idea. :-)

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