Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diapering Excitement

Is it wrong to get super excited about diapers? I don't think so. Especially when the excitement means I get to continue being eco-friendly, but potentially have to deal with less mess! We have been using gDiapers since Baby Bunny was born. Well, technically, since she was about a month old and could actually fit into them since  she was less than 6 lbs when she was born and the small Little gPants go from 8 - 14 lbs. (They didn't have the tinyG's until she was about 4 months old.) While I/we love the look of them, and the fact that they are incredibly eco-friendly, and that she does NOT get diaper rash with them, and does NOT need diaper cream with them, they present a bit of a problem when it comes to poops. The poopy mess easily gets on the "waterproof" liner inside of the fabric shell. Especially since the soaker insert shifts around and bunches between her legs. I know we aren't the only family that has had a problem with this, as I've read other gDiaper users complaints about this problem.
Cute little gBooty
 I recently went on the Snikiddy website to buy some of their snacks directly from them. This led me to (Which, by the way, was a great experience! I highly recommend that site!). requires you buy 6 things to have free shipping. It doesn't matter how big they are, or what price they are - there just has to be 6 of them. So I decided to look for the gDiaper soakers (what they call inserts) since we needed more anyway. They didn't have any. But something called GroVia popped up. They had biodegradable soakers. hmmm. I decided to look them up!
The package of soakers - half of them are out and put away at this point.
 The soakers looked like they would fit in the g's we use from the little cartoon of seeing one in one of the GroVia diapers. Since the 50 pack of the GroVia soakers was only $19.99, versus the 30 pack of gDiapers soakers for $15 at Babies R Us, I decided it was worth a shot.
This is how they come  out of the package. They are tri-folded, and don't seem like they are big enough.

GroVia soaker unfolded. Definitely big enough! - Sorry for the bad pic it was taken with my phone.
See the tab looking things? Under those is where the stickyness is.
The soaker has a two-layer elasticized side part that's very similar to a disposable diaper. This by itself made me VERY excited. Hopefully this would mean no more poopies escaping from the side of the soaker and getting on the liner. The back of the soaker at either end in the middle has about a 2" square of stickyness. This made me even more excited. Hopefully this would mean the soaker won't shift about! Especially with a baby that's super active like mine.
All the pieces together - medium gPant, gliner, and GroVia soaker. Ready to wear!!

Last night I used one of the new GroVia soakers and it seemed to work out just fine...but I think I waited too  long to change her this morning. She was fine when we got up, but after I went to the bathroom, she had soaked through the soaker, the "waterproof" liner in the g, and the two layers of cloth outside. Granted not very much came all the way through, but it was enough that when I picked her up I noticed that her butt had some dampness to it and it shouldn't have.
Changed her diaper to a fresh gPant and fresh (GroVia) soaker. About an hour later there was a nice poopy present. And guess what! It was contained within the elasticized sides!! There was NO poopyness on the "waterproof" liner!! YAY! SO happy about this! Then again a couple hours later, a peed in one - again, no mess! YAY! Even more excited!!
So, is it wrong that I'm this excited about a diaper? I think not. Especially when it can biodegrade, flush, compost, or just be disposed of. If I have another child in the future (or maybe I should say when?! ;) ) I just might have to buy a GroVia all-in-two diaper or two to see how theirs compare to my beloved g's. Or maybe GroVia should send me one to compare. ;) A mom can wish, right?

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