Saturday, October 2, 2010

Headbands Headbands Everywhere!!

My latest favorite thing to make?! Headbands!!! Started off wanting to make headbands for my (nearly) bald Bunny Baby, but it's turned into a sickness, I think.
First came this one....

...I used some scrap soft lycra in a wonderful (pepto bismol) pink, and serged bright orange around the edges, and added an applique that was all too plain - so I added lots of pretty orange sequins to it! And believe me when I say I very much plan to make many more in other color combinations!! FUN!
Then I saw a super cute headband in (on??) this Etsy store and knew that I could recreate it myself, and add my own fun touches.... so next came this one...

I know the pictures are blurry - I'm sorry for that. Bunny Baby does NOT stay still for very long when she's awake (AKA: Not. At. All.). I'll try to take a better picture one of these days - but who knows if it will actually happen! Thanks to some dollar store headbands and felt and some beads I already had she has another new headband! Even better?! Puppy Girl and I can wear it too! Thank you stretchy headband making people!
Then the other day I was putting on my new orange shirt that came with a super cute belt and decided I needed some sort of accessory that would help hide my greasy hair (being a super busy mom that goes to school and works means my hair isn't always washed as often as it maybe should be... eh. Not the worst thing in the world!) So I whipped up another new headband!

It literally took about 5 minutes - much less time than it would have taken to jump in the shower right then! Again - thanks to a pack of dollar store headbands and felt and some beads I already had - PLUS an orange permanent marker to color the edges of each layer.... aaaahhhh CUTENESS! And once again, Puppy Girl and Bunny Baby can wear it too!
And that brings us to today. My niece LuLu Bunny was wearing her strawberry dress...and Bunny Baby was wearing her strawberry onsie with a skirt...and neither of them had a cute HEADBAND that would go perfectly!! *GASP!* I guess that meant I had to take it upon myself to make some kind of adorable accessory to go with each of their outfiits! DARN! (Feeding my own newly acquired headband sickness.)
Soooo.... Here's the strawberry cuteness for you to marvel at...

Aren't they just ADORABLE!? Could almost eat them all up!! And once again, dollar store package of headbands, and felt! YAY!
I'll be posting a tutorial sometime in the future. But I don't have time at the moment... so just enjoy the cuteness!

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