Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who I/We Are

I'm Harmony and I am many things... a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, student, and crafter of all sorts. My wonderful husband, Hubby Babe, is a corrections officer; keeping the rest of us safe by putting up with prisoners and all that they entail. His oldest daughter (my step-daughter), Big Monkey, lives up north near her mom. Our middle daughter, Puppy-girl, is in 4th grade now...and it's crazy to think she's only another year away from going to middle school. How does time go this fast!? Our baby, Bunny-babe, is now 7 months old and is crawling every where and we've started potty training. And then there's me. I'm nearly done with my AA (I'll be graduating May 2011), and hopefully starting nursing school next August to get my RN, and BSN. I'm also addicted to crafting, sewing, painting, and creating of all kinds. I don't know how I find the time to do as much as I do...Some days it doesn't seem like there are enough days in the week. OK, most days it doesn't!

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