Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruffled Pinafore Dress

Sooooo one of my best friends has gotten me hooked on reading/writing blogs (hence, this blog was started!) All of the blogs I read are craft/sewing/painting/cooking related, aside from friends. On this blog I found an ADORABLE pinafore dress that I just HAD to recreate. Yes, it was mandatory. Absolutely. I mean, I have a cute baby girl that needs a cute ruffly dress, right?!
Well, I  didn't buy the pattern (SORRY Little Lizard King!!) because the pattern was fairly easy to figure out from looking at the pictures. Or at least, a close approximation. So what does my first pinafore dress look like you ask!? Like this!!

It's all wrinkley because Bunny Baby had worn it all day. I made it using two different pillow cases bought at Salvation Army and a little left over seam binding. ...Total dress cost you ask!? Roughly $3.00. Maybe. I'm planning on making several more!! I just LOVE these! She can wear a long sleeved shirt (onsie) and leggings or bloomer underneath and it's good for year-round wear. PLUS as an added bonus, she can keep wearing it for a couple years. It'll just be a fabulously adorable shirt later! HAHA! LOVE!!!
Of course, this posting wouldn't be complete without putting up a picture or two of my Bunny Baby wearing her new frock.
Bunny Baby with her big sis Puppy Girl right behind her. <3
P.S. The dress is even cuter in person. I really need to start taking pictures with a better camera.

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  1. Ok, honestly, I'm not stalking you. (well...maybe a little, lol) This little pinnie is another winner. Love that bow!


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