Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Birthday, First Pizza, First Cupcake.

This past Saturday was Baby Bunny's first birthday. But the lucky girl got to celebrate Saturday AND Sunday! It must be those eyes that make it so easy to want to give and give and give to her. Or that smile. Yeah...probably the smile.
Saturday morning I made her birthday dress. Well, technically I turned a Garanimals shirt into a dress. But I'm pretty positive the manufacturing company got the easier end of that deal. The shirt has three appliqued/embroidered cupcakes on it and it's embroidered with "Cupcake Cutie" in silver. 
I made a three layered bubble skirt out of three different colors of gingham. Each layer bubbles out to be pure cuteness. I think the skirt part reminds me of cupcakes.
We went to Sea World and told them it was her birthday. The nice people gave her a birthday sticker! I put it on her back so she wouldn't pick it off.
Then we went to the baby/little kid area that has a water play place. We had to get a new bathing suit for her. Apparently she grew out of the old one over the Florida "winter."
The old suit was a 6-9 month bikini. I thought it would still fit my skinny baby. Apparently I was wrong. The new suit is an 18mo one piece. It says "Love" across the booty. And has a ruffled heart on the chest. So cute! :)

Her first faux hawk.
Had to change her...so back into her birthday dress she went! Then a nice little rest on the rocking chairs infront of the baby station. 
For some reason she likes to sit backwards on chairs.

And stand on them. But that's ok because daddy was there the whole time.
Daddy rocks!
The girls sat on (fake) Shamu and waved. That fake Shamu isn't even close to as big as a real one.

We went on the carousel. 
Where she tasted lemonade. And LOVED it!

Then the Sea World version of the "Tea Cup" ride. I think they called it "Swishy Fishy"?? Something like that.
We walked around a little while longer....then left. Baby Bunny was so exhausted she was just lounging in her stroller. Which she NEVER does. It's hard to tell, but Puppy Girl is in the background.
Then Sunday we exchanged some things at Target. Baby Bunny decided to do some cart surfing.
Later at home she had her first taste of pizza. It was from Cici's, so not the best pizza in the world. But her newly 1 year old palate didn't care too much. She had 1.5 pieces of macaroni and cheese pizza. She LOVED it. But I didn't think to take a picture of it.
Made some Oreo cupcakes with my sister/best friend. And gave one to Baby Bunny.

She enjoyed squishing it more than she enjoyed eating it.
But she definitely did eat it!!
Until she decided...
She was done!
Happy first birthday to my youngest girl! I love you!! :-)

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