Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Busy busy bee!

I'm quite aware that I haven't posted in a while...and for that I feel like I'm neglecting my little piece of blogland. However, I do have several good excuses. The top one being related to the others! What's that top excuse?! That I haven't created anything new recently. What is related to that? That I'm ssssoooooooo busy that I haven't had time to create anything new! I haven't even had time to fix anything old. School is back in session. Which for a normal mom is a great thing...but for this mom means that I'M back in school too! On the bright side of that?! I'm going to finish up my AA at the end of this semester. PHEW! FINALLY!! Also...I'm a mom. With a 9 year old, and a nearly one year old at home. And boy let me tell you....Baby Bunny is like a little ninja! A ninja that can do gymnastics, compete with the worlds best rock climbers, and beat some of the guys in NASCAR with her lightning fast crawling. That child definitely gives me, her dad, and anyone else around her, a run for their money!
So...those reasons are why nothing new has been posted recently. I'm sorry for the neglect dear blog. And my (few) readers/followers. I'm GOING to sew this weekend. Not sure if I'll finish the project...but I hope so. Actually I have two projects in the works, and need to whip up a third for Baby Bunny's 1st bday on the 19th. Oh, and I have one paper, two tests, a quiz, and a couple pre-labs (oh how I LOVE chemistry...) to have done by/prepare for next week. Nope! Not busy at all over here! Oh yeah...and a broken key on my laptop keyboard thanks to my ninja...Never realized how much I use the "U" until she broke it!
RIP little U key. You ARE missed.
I'll give you a few cute pictures from this past week or so:
Sisterly LOVE <3

Sticking the tongue out: the newest pose! (Thanks daddy!)

My grand-nephew!

Cute ninja stinker!
And now....back to homework!

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