Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Order - Valentines Day Goodies!

I got an order to make four special, one of a kind (Uniquely Yours) Valentines Day goodies. And it was left up to me for the fabric and design!! How awesome is that?!
There is something for a little baby girl:
A close-up of the ruffled cuteness
The whole skirt with the waistband folded once

The little skirt has an "adjustable" waist. The waist band is similar to what is on typical yoga pants. This way it can be folded over twice for the shortest, and tightest fit, folded over once for a medium fit, and not folded at all for the largest fit. The skirt should last at least a year...maybe even longer! I love making clothes that last when it comes to babies and little kids.

Something for a cute little boy:
It won't exactly last a long time..but I think it's super cute! :)

Something for a "pre-teen" girly girl:
Waistband unfolded

Waistband folded once

Close-up of the tulle ruffles

Close-up of the fabrics used
I used the same concept for the preteen skirt as I did for the baby skirt. Make it versatile! That way it can be worn longer. I also used 4 of the same fabrics...just laid out differently. Fun? I think yes. Girly? Absolutely!
And something for a teen aged girl:
Front view

front closeup

back view
a look at the hood
I made a black velvet hoodie. I used the same kiss material as in all the rest of them, and the same red lace as the middle daughter's skirt. The sleeves are overly long since teenagers tend to like to tuck their hands up inside their sleeves and stretch them out - figured I'd just give her long sleeves to start with! I put some lace on one  shoulder to add some interest.
Some fabric is upcycled, some has been waiting to be loved for a while, some is left overs from other things, some is brand new, and everything is 100% designed by me! I had a ton of fun making things for my first order! :-D And I look forward to completing many more in the future!! Interested in something for yourself or your little one? Just ask!

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