Friday, January 7, 2011

ERG! Or UGH! Or SNEEZE! SNEEZE! plus Christmas Gifts

I know it's been a while since I've posted...but I've got some good excuses, I swear! I've had my 9 year old, Puppy Girl, home for the last three weeks, and my 10 month old, Baby Bunny, is always home, and add to that my friend's 5 year old because I'm watching him while she works because of the winter vacation. They go back to school on Monday! YAY! ... But then again so do I....BOOO! I'm not ready for going back to school. Aside from watching the kiddies, I've also hurt my ankle (doc says xrays show no break...I'm not convinced. It's still swollen and just ONE little area.), my husband was sick, now Baby Bunny is sick - and it's magically transformed from a mild cold to bronchitis in a couple days, and now I'M sick too. Thankfully for me it's only a cold still. Add to that the passing of my husband's father, and getting some orders to make some V-day clothing, and this has been some super crazy-busy last couple weeks.
SSSOOOOO all those excuses/reasons, just to get to the point of this posting....I wanted to show some of the gifts I made, but I didn't want to do it BEFORE Christmas...for obvious reasons, I think!
The Lexi Dress:

The Jillian Skirt (plus an embellished shirt):

Apron #1:

The Reversible Bubble Skirt:

The Stuffed Owl Pillow:

And there was a second apron, but I don't have any pictures of the recipient wearing it yet... hint hint nudge nudge!! ;-) Oh, and there's also a diaper bag, but I don't have any pictures of that one either, yet.....

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  1. working on the pictures... coming soon, I promise


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